XTRM Systems, producer and distributor of tire sealant products

Created in 2008 and winner of the category « Best Innovative Product » at the 123Go/Enterprize Competition of the Walloon Chamber of Commerce, XTRM Systems is today an international supplier of puncture protection products for civil, industrial and military tires. We specialize in the development, production and distribution of unique and patented puncture-proof fluids.

Our puncture kits protect your tyres against punctures, porosity and their disadvantages on a daily basis. Drive safely with our preventive and curative fluids that are 100% compatible with the structure of your tires.

kit anti crevaison tire sealant kit طقم مضاد للثقب

A tire sealant solution for each vehicle

anti crevaison vélo et moto tire sealant bicycle and motorcycle مكافحة ثقب دراجة ودراجة نارية

Mountain bikes and Motorcycles

Adapted to the constraints of mountain bikes and trial motorcycles, the XTRM T3 tire sealant kit adapts to small punctures and air losses for all car-motorcycle-type valve tires.

anti crevaison 4x4 tire sealant 4x4 مكافحة ثقب

Tourism, 4x4 and Quad

The XTRM T3 solution protects and prevents the tires of passenger cars, 4x4s and quads to drive daily and practice your motorized activities in complete safety.

tracteur tractor

Agricultural vehicle

Agricultural tyres equipped with XTRM T3 or higher references benefit from additional protection against air loss and immobilisation in all circumstances.

véhicule btp btp vehicle

Building and Public Works

The XTRM T3 and XTRM T6 tire sealant kits reinforce the tires of construction vehicles, which are regularly subjected to the stresses associated with construction site terrain.

anti crevaison véhicule militaire et sécurité tire sealant, military vehicle and security مكافحة ثقب مركبة عسكرية والأمن


Tires in extreme situations need extreme protection. XTRM SYSTEMS has a range of products adapted to the constraints of special and military vehicles. We can also design a specific product on request, adapted to specific conditions.

Outil de jardinage Gardening tool


Ride-on mowers can be equipped with our fluids to avoid the inconvenience of a puncture during garden work.

Our tire sealant product, a complete protection for your tires