XTRM SYSTEMS against 12.7 MM gun

XTRM Systems: the puncture-resistant product that even withstands a 12.7 mm machine gun

What if tires finally puncture, even when they roll on spikes, glass or a nail?

The company XTRM Systems, invented an ultra-efficient and unique puncture-proof solution since it resists everything, including large punctures, such as those caused by the firing of a 12.7 mm machine gun!

A boon for professionals: while around 30 million tires are replaced each year in France, professionals often operate on difficult terrain, in sometimes extreme conditions, which makes punctures particularly frequent.

They will therefore be able to make substantial savings, save precious time and take concrete action to preserve people’s security.


Passage sur herse de police avec XTRM SYSTEMS anti crevaison

The end of the puncture nightmare

In professional construction, but also agricultural, industrial and military circles, a puncture is a real disaster, because it always occurs at the wrong time.

Beyond the cost and the time spent repairing, it is indeed the work in progress which must stop, thus causing large financial losses. In agriculture for example, with the increase in plot size, if the harvest is spread out over time due to a puncture, the whole quality of the crop is compromised.

Punctures also increase the risk of an accident, and therefore compromise the safety of personnel. Sometimes, even without an accident, the danger is very real:

in the case of military maneuvers or sensitive construction sites, immobilization in itself can have serious consequences.

Hence the interest in innovation XTRM Systems, an exceptional solution.

XTRM Systems is a latest generation preventive and curative fluid compatible with elastomers and metal parts. Previously installed by the valve or the sidewall of the tire, XTRM Systems contributes to the reduction of air by puncture or porosity.

Concretely, this means that the tire becomes puncture-proof, even in the event of significant punctures! The proof in pictures with this test carried out by an army from South America:

Unbeatable prices, plus quality

Sometimes imitated but never equaled, XTRM Systems is a pioneering company since it is the only one to manufacture its own line of puncture products. The exclusive formulation of its products has also been the subject of patents filed.

To democratize this quality already recognized by professionals around the world (army, construction, agricultural and industrial sector), XTRM Systems decided, in August 2019, to open its own production plant in Tunisia.

Patrice Chauvin, the founder, explains:

By mastering the production circuit from A to Z, we went from a cost of € 9 / kg to € 5 / tonne. This cash gain has allowed us to continue to improve the performance of our products but also to offer attractive prices compared to Chinese competitors, who offer poor quality copies but which flood the market.

With, always, the same requirement of availability and reactivity. XTRM Systems also has an office in France (in Haute-Saône) and in the United States for greater proximity to its customers.

tracteur tractor

Effective against punctures… but not only!

The anti-puncture product developed by XTRM Systems is particularly economical since it is also anti-overheating. It protects the tire against wear and blowout, and even increases its performance.

It is also a durable solution which, while significantly reducing capital costs, also allows the tire to be reused and repaired (the product is washable with water, so it can be removed very easily if necessary) .

Another advantage: its latex-free formulation is respectful of other materials, so they do not damage either rubber or metal.

véhicule btp btp vehicle

The ability to create tailor-made solutions

XTRM Systems has solutions adapted to each situation and all needs.

Its product ranges are particularly effective in:

  • Agricultural tires, 4 × 4, passenger vehicles, bikes, ATVs, motorcycles or quads, riding mowers, wheelchairs…
  • Public works tires: construction and lifting, telescopic cranes, wheel loaders, excavators, trailers, etc.
  • Tires for low-speed logistics vehicles: off-road trucks, tractors, trailers, tankers, armored vehicles, etc.
  • Military tires and in particular tanks with air-inflated wheels.

Patrice Chauvin underlines:

We can protect any tire against the risk of a puncture and therefore all vehicles. And for all those who work in extreme or particular conditions, we can also create custom kits especially for very hot / very cold countries or for the risks of significant perforations (like that of a 12.7 machine gun mm).

The (big) little extras of this “new generation” solution

An innovative product:

  • For all tires: from construction site to bicycle or quad
  • A product that ensures security and serenity
  • Use of tires possible in extreme conditions
  • Specific products for each vehicle, for each use
  • A safe product for all TPMS systems

XTRM Systems: more than 15 years of experience and international renown

Patrice Chauvin, former professional soldier, invests in the XTRM Systems concept following his participation in the Eurosatory fair in 2004 and 2006. He works on product R&D with his team to file an innovative INPI patent in refrigeration technology tire without nitrogen.

Along with Amélia, who had already been carrying out R&D work in the field since 1994, improving technology with the help of a European research center, they are achieving this latest innovation in the field of puncture-resistant products.

In 2005, the company perfected its formulas once again and offered three main product lines:

XTRM T3, installed by the tire valve, with or without a chamber, adapting to punctures and porosities up to 6 mm in diameter.

XTRM T6, created specifically for sidewall injection in tubeless tires, adapting to punctures and porosities up to 8 mm in diameter.

XTRM T6 MIL, the super strong solution for tubeless tires for military or special vehicles, operating on difficult terrain: increased protection to seal punctures and pressure losses on treads between 12 and 20 mm in diameter and on lower sides between 8 and 10 mm in diameter.

She then created the XTRM T1 Flash, a solution specially designed to democratize access to the puncture-proof solution. It is suitable for punctures up to 4 mm in diameter and is injected through the valve. It is also suitable for tubeless tires.

Today XTRM Systems aims to expand its network of resellers in France and the United States.

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